Soil Nutrient Tester

We offer our clients with an ISO 9001 certified quality of Soil Nutrient Tester, Test N P K that is renowned in the market for its optimum quality. This device rapidly tests the N, P, K, organic matter, humic acid, salinity, and PH in the soil, fertilizer or plants. This product is offered free for the first time.


The details of this product are:


  • Power Electronic: Usage auto testing machine
  • Certificate: ISO9001 quality certificate

The characteristics of these products are as follows:


  • Quickly test the N, P, K, humic acid , organic matter, salinity, and PH in the soil, fertilizer and plant
  • Can store and print data
  • With the function of time display, can automatically record and save the time of test sample
  • Store about 1000 groups datum (time, place, fertilizers), datum can be checked at any time
  • Print like the test date, number, items, sample contents, variety and so on
  • Chinese big-screen LCD shows, and will guide you how to operate
  • When in the test, it has the functions of playback, so it is very convenient and reasonable
  • Armor plate shell, firm, beautiful and durable
  • According to the local situation, you can set the variety, productivity, kind of fertilizer and will automatically calculate the fertilizing amount (TPY-6A)


Nutrient measurement technology indicators:

  • Stability: A(absorbency of illumination) drift < 0.003 in three minutes.
  • Repetitiveness: A(absorbency of  illumination) <=”” p=””>
  • Linearity errors: <3.0 %
  • Sensitivity: Red light  ≥4.5 ×10-5 & Blue light ≥3.17×10-3
  • Wavelength range: red light 620 ±4nm / Blue light 440 ±4nm / Green light 520 ±4nm
  • Shake resistance: qualified

(Attention: above indicators all exceed national standards)

PH specification:

  • Range: 1-14
  • Error: ±0.1

Salinity specification:

  • Range: 0.01% -1.00%
  • Error: ±5%


  • Alternating current (AC): 80V- 240V,50Hz,2) Direct current: 18V,5W (With tester)