Separating and Throttling Calorimeter Apparatus

Separating Calorimeter:

  • It consists of two concentric chambers, the inner chamber and the outer chamber, which communicates with each other through an opening at the top
  • As the steam discharges through the metal basket, which has a large number of holes
  • The water particles due to their heavier momentum get separated from the steam and collect in the chamber
  • The comparatively dry steam in the inner chamber moves up and than down aging through the annular space between the two chambers and enters the Throttling Calorimeter

Throttling Calorimeter:

  • It consists a narrow throat (Orifice)
  • Pressure and temperature are measured by pressure gauge and thermometer
  • The steam after throttling process passes through the heat exchanger and condensate is collected
  • Steam Generator is also provided to supply the saturated steam (Max) at 2 kg/cm2 pressure
  • There is no need of boiler