Rapid Moisture Meter

We are engaged in offering a wide range of Rapid Moisture Meter. Moisture meter used for fast and accurate measurement of moisture and temperature in the process of allotment.

Product Detail:

  • For quick determination of moisture content of materials in powder from i.e. soil sand, coal, pottery, canister, cement etc. A weighed quantity of the substance under test is placed in the body of the tester together with a measured quantity of absorbent and the tester is then sealed and shaken vigorously thereby bringing the sample and the absorbent into intimate contact
  • The pressure of gas liberated by interaction of moisture in the sample and absorbent actuates the gauge which is directly graduated in percentage moisture on the wet weight basis. A conversion chart is provided for converting percentage moisture content on the wet weight basis to percentage moisture on the dry weight basis
  • The unit consists of a pressure vessel with clamp for sealing cap rubber sealing gasket, dial gauge calibrated in percentage moisture content to 25 % on the wet weight basis, counter poised balance for weighing sample, scoop for measuring absorbent, bottle of absorbent, cleaning brush
  • Complete in wooden carrying case with handle.The Unit can be used to determine percentage moisture contents on the wet weight basis up to 25% which is equal to 33.3% moisture content on the dry weight basis