Monochromatic Light Source

V-TECH India offers two different types of Monochromatic Light source. Monochromatic Light sources are used in Calibration labs for inspection of Micrometer Anvils & Mechanical Seals, Pump Valves and various other Automotive Parts manufacturers. V-TECH India Monochromatic Light Source provides highly diffused Sodium light for use in testing flatness of flat parts with Master Optical Flats. Sodium Vapour Light is directed on to the component under inspection through a plane acrylic sheet with a straight line marked on its face. It produces Excellent Contrast Fringes.

Model VT-01: This is used when the Optical Flat is less than 150 mm diameter. The Optical Flat is placed over the polished part under inspection. The light bands are viewed over the Optical Flat from above

Model VT-02: The part to be inspected is placed over the Optical Flat and the light bands are viewed from beneath after reflection from a mirror. This Type Monochromatic Light Source is used when the part under inspection is thin and of large diameter. If an Optical Flat of large diameter is to be placed on such thin parts there would be deformation of fringes due to the weight of large size Optical Flat. To avoid this the part to be inspected is placed over the Optical flat and the fringes are viewed after reflection from a mirror placed below.

The Master surface of the Optical Flat face upwards and the test surface face downwards and are in contact to view the light bands. MLS-02 is suitable for use with 200 mm diameter Optical Flat. On request MLS to suit Optical Flats larger than 200 mm diameter is manufactured against specific Order.


  • Material: Teakwood construction
  • Light Source: 35W Sodium
  • Wavelength: 0.575 micron = Power 220V/50HZ (110V available on request)


Instrument Dimensions Packed Dimensions Net Weight Gross Weight
VT-01 410 x 310 x 520 mm 635 x 457 x 406 mm 9.75 Kgs 13 Kgs
VT-02 520 x 400 x 325 mm 635 x 457 x 406 mm 16.25 Kgs 20 Kgs