Michelson Interferometer

The Michelson interferometer is an optical instrument of high precision and versatility. It generally is used in investigations that involve small changes in optical path lengths. With the Michelson interferometer, one can produce circular and straight-line fringes of both monochromatic light and white light. One can use these fringes to make an accurate comparison of wavelengths, measure the refractive index of gases and transparent solids, and determine small changes in length quite precisely. The instrument can be used as a stable mode selecting resonator element in laser cavities as well. The Michelson interferometer is perhaps the best known and most basic in a family of interferometers which includes the Fabry-Perot interferometer, the Twyman-Green interferometer and the Mach-Zehnder interferometer

The PRISM Make Michelson Interferometer is constructed on a Machined Steel Base. High precision movable-mirror with smooth fine movement of 0.6 microns facilitates fringe counting.

You can upgrade by adding few parts to work as Fabry Perot Interferometer & Twyman Green Interferometer.

Michelson Interferometer

  • Interference Fringes Observation
  • Study of Equal Inclination, Equal Thickness & White Light Interference Fringes
  • Measurement of Wavelength of the Sodium D-lines
  • Measurement of the Wavelength Separation of Sodium D-lines
  • Study of Refractive Index of gases at varying pressure
  • The Refractive Index of Transparency Slice

Fabry-Perot Interferometer

  • The Multi-beam Interference
  • Measurement of the Wavelength of He-Ne Laser
  • Observation of the Interference of Sodium D-lines

Twyman-Green Interferometer

  • Demonstration of the principle of Twyman-Green interferometer
  • Checking Principle of defects in Optical Components.(Flat Mirrors, Windows, Prism & Lenses

Special Features:

  • Optics: 25 mm diameter (Clear Aperture:20mm), Flatness to »/6 @ 633nm.
  • VT-02 Kinematic Mirror with Linear movement:
  • One division of the micrometer (0.01mm) corresponds to 0.6 ¼ movement of the Mirror.
  • VT-03 Adjustable Mirror: Coarse Linear travel of 5 mm and movement along a curve for
  • inspection of prism