Heat Sealer


  • Machine is based on pneumatic operating system.
  • Temperature zone : Two
  • Both the temperature zone has separate temperature controller and heaters.
  • Temperature is controlled via PID based Auto tune facility.
  • Temperature range: ambient to 220°c (Extra on request)
    Temperature least count 0.1°c with accuracy better than ±1°c.
  • Pencil type air heaters are fitted on the both temperature zone.
  • Heating jaws: One jaw is fixed and another jaw is operated with
    help of pneumatic system.
  • Maximum daylight opening between two jaws is 100mm.
  • Maximum sealing length 150mm and sealing width is 20mm maximum.
  • Jaw is operated with help of timer fitted in the equipment, timer
    range 99.9minutes/seconds.
  • Machine is table top compact model suitable for laboratory environment.