Hand Held Anemometer

The Hand Held Anemometer is a three cup battery operated Anemometer with digital readout (LCD) . It is handy for measurement of wind speed at locations where wind installations are absent as well as for approximate calibration checks on installed field Anemometers. The digital reading is normally in Km/h. However if required knots or meters/sec direct reading can be provided. The unit comes with either dry cells or rechargeable battery pack i.e. nickel cadmium cells (option). If Ni-Cad cells are used then a battery charger is also provided. This comes packed in a carrying case.


Transducer Three cup assembly coupled to chopper & infra red Sensor/detector
Cup material Tough weather resistant plastic integrally molded Cup assembly
Cup diameter 50 mm
Cup assembly diameter 170 mm
Range 0 to 99 Km/h Or mtrs/sec. As required by Customer
Resolution 0.1 Km/h/ 0.1 Knot/ 0.1 mtrs/sec
Accuracy +/- 3% or 0.5 Km/h whichever is more
Input Voltage requirement 4 to 6 VDC
Output Direct reading on LCD display
Sampling time 2 seconds
Display hold 48 seconds