Fiber Optical Power Meter


  • With optical fiber red light test pen for visual fault located.
  • With CFS-2 Duplex optical fiber coating layer stripping pliers.
  • With Leather line cable stripping machine.
  • With High precision FC 6S cutter.
  • With High precision optical power meter.
  • All set in a waterproof toolkit, Wear proof, easy to carry.


  • Central wavelength:650nm±10nm
  • Emitter type: LD
  • Output power: 10mW
  • Optical connector: 2.5mm universal connector
  • CW frequency: 2Hz
  • Power supply: 2 x AA Alkaline batteries(Not Include)
  • Operating temperature: -10~+60???
  • Storage temperature: -20~+70???
  • Size: 8×17.5cm
  • FC-6S Fiber Cleaver
  • Model: FC-6S
  • Applicable fibers Singlemode or Multimode Use
  • Fiber Diameter: 125um
  • Coating Diameter: 250um ~ 900um
  • Typical Cleave Angle: 0.5 Degrees
  • Cleave Length: 9 – 16mm (Single Fiber – 0.25mm Coating)
  • 10 – 16mm (Single Fiber – 0.9mm Coating)
  • Blade Life Time: 36,000 cleaves (3,000 per blade position)
  • size:8x505cm

Fiber Optic Stripper CFS-2
For stripping 125 micron fiber with 250 micron buffer coating

CFS-2 Duplex optical fiber coating layer stripping pliers
Use for stripping 125 mu 250 mu m m optical fiber coating layer, without damage the optical fiber.
With design according to the principle of human body engineering, handle provide a comfortable using.

Leather line cable stripping machine

  • Can use for longitudinal cutting or transverse.
  • Light weight, small size, easy to operate.

High precision FC 6S cutter

  • Used for precision cutting of single core optical fiber.
  • Applies to 250μm optical fiber or 900μm optical fiber.


  • High precision optical power meter
  • With user calibration function.
  • Without complex transformation, general use on FC/SC/ST interface.
  • Fast response without preheating.
  • Optional backlit display and 10 minutes automatic shutdown function