Digital Angle Finder Ruler Protractor

Description : 

2 in 1 200MM 360°Degree LCD Digital Angle Finder Ruler Protractor

Length : 200mm
Supply : 3V Lithium Battery (included)
Both measure the angle and length, metric and imperial scale.

Calculating angles quickly and accurately, digital display clearly.
Easy operation with only two press-buttons.
Stable locking function can lock the measurement at any angle.
Compact structure to achieve convenient carrying and use.

Stainless steel scale achieves durable using.
It could be well used into various fields besides of angle rule, as straight ruler, square rule etc.
Easy line-drawing with the stainless steel rule.

Hints :
Please notice the sharp edge, avoid scratching.
Store the 2-in-1 at a place which the children could not reach.
Do not use 2-in-1 as a toy to play or as weapon to hit people.


Display Type Digital