Hydrological Instruments

Water Velocity Indicator has been designed to measure the Velocity of water in a flowing stream or open Canal. Features: • Microcontroller based • Storage for 56 reading battery removed • Retrieval of data through keyboard • programmable equation with storage • programmable polarity (+ve or-ve) • Range of multiplier: […]

Water Velocity Indicator

River Staff Gauges are useful for the manual measurement of River/Canal/ Lake water level. Different sizes and types for river staff gauges Additional Information: Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

River Staff Gauge

The transducer sends high frequency pulses to the bottom of a body of water where these pulses are reflected back and converted to electrical pulses that are amplified and displayed on the easy-to-read LCD. 7-Digit LCD is backlit for night use. These compact depth sounders transport easily and store DC […]

Digital Depth Sounder

Metallic one liter capacity bottle held vertically in the metallic frame at one of a adequate length of pipe with lever attached to the lower end and a flexible wire running with the help of one spring and lever for opening and closing the mouth of bottle fitted with rubber […]

Sediment Silt Sampler

Specification: Display: 16 Characters X 2 Lines LCD, Measured Parameter – Date, Time,Water Level. Real Time Clock: Provided. Number of Channels: 08 Data Storage: 512 K EEPROM. Power Supply: 12V SMF Clock accuracy: ±5 seconds per week Battery Charging: Through Solar Panel. Tripod Tower: Provided. Radiation shield: Provided. Sensor brackets: […]

Digital Water Level Recorder

Using a cable with sinking weight or wading rod and will accurately measure stream flow velocities from 0.3 to 3.5 meters per second with cups. (Also available in measuring range up to 6 meter per second) The cup type current meter manufactured as per IS 3910-1966. You can connect this […]

Cup Type Water Current Meter