Fabric Instruments

NUNES Smoke Visibility Tester made of a plywood chamber inner side painted by heat proof paint the ceiling of the chamber have a hole which permit to hold light meter cell while testing. There is a hole in the bottom of the chamber, which is aligning to the ceiling hole. […]

Smoke Visibility Tester

Round Cutter is used for the accurate cutting of fabrics, paper, flooring etc. The system is made of aluminium body for light weight. It has for imported blades. It has a lock which is used when the cutter is not used. Rubber pad is an optional accessory. The instrument is […]

Round Cutter

Test the pilling of the textile fabrics supplied with template, 8 rubber tubes and jig/fixture. Two box and four box models are available. The “NUNES” Pilling Tester consists of two cubical boxers inner walls of box are lined by 3mm thick cork sheet. The boxes are rotate by means of […]

Pilling Tester

NUNES Oxygen Index Apparatus consists of a test chimney made of borosilicate glass suppurated by the metallic base and hook with the help of the metallic pillar. The mixture of nitrogen and oxygen is released from the bottom of tube. The tube is filled with glass beads for mixing and […]

Oxygen Index Apparatus

The NUNES Crease Recovery Tester is designed to measure crease recovery angle of fabrics. It consists of a rotary circular scale on which a spring type specimen clamp is fixed on the base plate on which the above arrangement is mounted. The test specimen is fixed on a loading strip […]

Crease Recovery Tester

NUNES Melt Flow Index Apparatus for plastic measures the melt flow index of plastic material. The system consists of a heated extruder tube, an interchangeable jet through which the material under test is extruded, and a piston with dead weights to apply the specified pressure on the material inside the […]

Melt Flow Index

Flexometer is used for the assessment of the flexing endurance of light leathers and their surface finishes. The ability of light leathers such as those used in shoe uppers, gloves and garments to with stand repeated flexing without cracking can be accurately determined with NUNES Flexometer. This testing equipment is […]


Our experts put their immense efforts in offering HMV Horizontal Flammability Tester. By using quality-approved components, this tester is manufactured under the visionary guidance of our experts in accordance with global market standards with the aid of pioneering techniques. The provided tester is used to check the flammability of plastics. […]

Flammability Tester – Horizontal

The NUNES Drape meter consists of a circular specimen support, an electric lamp to give off light, and an exposing and developing arrangement using light sensitive ammonia paper to determined the area covered by the shadow of the test specimen, and an electric lamp to expose the ammonia paper to […]

Drape Meter

We are suppliers of Crockmeter For Leather, One of the tests for determination of colour fastness of dyed of printed leather is the crocking test. This test is used for the determination of colour fastness against rubbing, either under dry or wet condition. In this test a moving brass finger […]

Crockmeter For Leather