Ultrasonic Bats Repellent

The Nunes Ultrasonic BIRD Repeller is an advanced electronic device that protects you without being noticed and leaving the air that you breath free from any odor. The Large Bird Repellant sets you free from Large Birds Eagle, Bats etc. effrctive ultrasound. It diffuses ultrasounds at a wide range that cannot be audible for humans. The working frequency varies automatically to avoid an addicting phenomenon and disturbing pest of different species.

Ultrasound waves that we cannot feel and that don’t disturb us are conversely like unbearable alarm hooters. The troublesome rodents escape from the ambient where Ultrasonic Bird – Repellant is active and avoid coming back.Ultrasonic BIRDS – Repellant acts with cycles of variable frequencies. If the frequency of ultrasound waves would be constant, they would be able to adapt their selves to the disturb. The efficacy of  BIRDS – Repeller is profited by ultrasound waves at variable frequencies.

Advantages of Nunes Ultrasonic BIRDS
There is no toxic chemicals or messy traps.
It is completely safe and clean.
The device is ultrasonic pest controlling system with multi frequency modulated sound.The advanced ultrasonic waves avoids the chances of Immunity for the Birds e.g. Eagle Bats etc..

Application Area:

For Factory, Warehouse, Farms, Food Processing & storage, Drugs Stores, Ships, Boats, Restaurants, Shops, Stores, Hospitals, Clinics, Computer Rooms Product

Smooth & Disaster Mode:

Nunes BIRD REPELLENT is fully automatic system. Its randomly ultrasonic sound are ranged from 12 kHz to 65 kHz. A different Selection are available. There is Smooth and Disaster Mode available in the system. The frequency generated during the Disaster Mode is a havy disaster ultrsound that makes the Rats & Rodents highly in effective.

There is adjustable strength of output sound level.

Effective Range:

The effective range is more than 5,000 square feet.