Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

Salient Features

Microprocessor Control
  The MS-300 and MS-400 hot plate magnetic stirrer is operated by a digital control CPU. The CPU regulates the heating up to 300 °C and 400 °C in the respective models & Model MS 200 is without Hot Plate
Digital Speed Control
  Stirring speed is also controlled by the CPU from the keypad while the stirring speed is indicated on the bar graph.
  Operator can setup the objective temperature, hold temperature, stirring time and speed
Automatic Temperature Control
  Connect the temperature probe and place into glass container being stirred to measure and maintain the object temperature Accuracy is +1 °C.
Product Included
  Stir Bar, Temperature Probe (For MS300/400)


Model VTMS-200 VTMS-300 VTMS-400
Stirring Volume 0 to 2000mL
Stirring Speed 0 to 1250 RPM
Top Plate Size 135 mm  x  135 mm
Plate Material Steel
Temperature —- 0 to 300°C 0  to 400°C
Accuracy —- ±1°C(<100°C)±3°C(<300°C) ±1°C(<100°C)±3°C(<400°C)
Timer 999  minutes
Power supply 220V / 50 Hz
Dimensions  LxWxH (mm) 230 x 180 x 120
Weight 2.3 kg