Flue Gas Analyser

Flue gas is the gas exiting to the atmosphere via a flue, which is a pipe or channel for conveying exhaust gases from a fireplace, oven, furnace, boiler or steam generator. Vast-hi Engineers offer the latest and most innovative flue gas analyser to monitor the composition of the flue gas of a boiler heating unit to determine if the mixture of air and fuel is at the proper ratio for maximum heat output. Data logging is an option on all our multi –gas monitors.

Salient Features:

Portable with IP 65 certified casing

Graphical display with fault and low battery indications

10 hours continuous battery backup

User – friendly: easy to learn and use

4 years guaranteed- life-Oxygen sensor specially designed for combustion purpose. No other gases affect its performance. 8 years life – optional

Automatic self-calibration: field calibration starts automatically on each start up with aspirated fresh air.

Strong chromel-alumel thermocouple suitable up to 1000°C with dust and moisture filter &User selectable fuels- gas, oil and coal.

Automatic self-check for efficiency calculation: specific percentage efficiency of selected fuel is displayed as a check on its calculations with aspirated fresh air.

Time-tested in-built suction pump.

Self-test: a) flow fault b) oxygen sensing and c) battery backup time.



Sampling Method : Auto Suction (with pump)

Measurement : Continuous.

Readout : Graphical Digital

Resolution : 0.1

Accuracy : +/- 2 %

Repeatability : +/- 1 %.

Response Time : < 10 seconds at 95 % variation.

Alarms : Low & HI Visual and Audible (Different Tones).

Low Battery Alarms : Audio & Visual.

Power Supply : Standard batteries

Battery backup : continuous 8 hours.

Temperature Range : 0 – 55°C

Warranty : One year. Display : 128 X 64 Pixels Graphical LCD

Power : Single cell lithium ion Battery with Inbuilt charge control

Weight : 445 grams (approx.)

Dimensions : Refer to GA Drawing

Degree of Protection : IP 65