Digital Soil Hardness Meter

Aiming at highest level of customer-satisfaction, we are offering them a wide range of Digital Soil Hardness Meter. We collect this product from the leading vendors’ so as to ensure its quality as per the international standards. Offered product is available in the market with below details:




  • Digital Soil Hardness Meter is connected to computer
  • The computer will synchronous display curve and records
  • Set Automatic On/Off
  • Battery capacity:The capacity on the meter is divided into three parts.When the power is low ,the meter will automatic off




  • Display:LCD display (Have back light display function,can be used in the night)
  • Range:0~500N/cm2 (The three units of Kg, Newton and Pounds can be automatic switch over)
  • Measuring depth: 0-450 mm
  • Stored data: 896 data
  • Power:Have charge power supply 220V/AC
  • Battery continuous operation time:6-8 hours
  • Resolution: 1N per word
  • Stability:
  • Temperature Drift: 0.2uV/degrees Celsius(0-60 degrees Celsius)
  • Null Drift:less than 0.1% /8 hours/FS
  • Calibration range: Full-scale calibration
  • Ambient temperature:0~+60 degrees Celsius Ambient humidity:80 %
  • Permission overload:150 %
  • Power: NO.5 nickel and cyanogen battery 220V AC, charging 8~12 hours