Digital Plate Thickness Gauge

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Digital Ultrasonic Plate Thicknes Guage:

Civil Engineering :

Communication Masts
Highway Sign Gantries
Lighting Columns
Playground Equipment
Railway Infrastructure

General Industry

Boiler Tube Inspection
Condition Monitoring
Measuring Thickness of large geometrically
Pipe Wall Thickness Inspection
Plant Maintenance work
Safety Inspections.

Hatch Cover Testing and Door Leak Detection

Test the weather/water tightness of cargo hatch covers or doors
Test seals in cargo access areas,

Non Destructive Ultrasonic Equipment for Hazardous Environments

Chemical Plants
Dry, dusty environments where ignition could occur
Fuel Depots
Grain processing plants
Inside storage tanks
Oil and Gas production
Explosive atmospheres

Industrial Leak Detection

Compressed air or vacuum systems
verify steam-pipe seals, seal integrity or fittings and condenser drains, search for faults in electrical insulation
Motor and rail vehicles: test seals in cabins, doors, , check fuel injection in diesel engines
Steam Traps,

Offshore Platforms – Ultrasonic Test Equipment

Decommissioning of oil platforms – thickness surveys
Oil drilling platform maintenance
Jetties and pontoon surveys

Oil & Gas Ultrasonic Pipeline Thickness

Oil & gas pipelines can suffer from internal corrosion leading to costly leaks and emergency repair work.

Road Tankers

Road Tankers are susceptible to corrosion from the inside

Rope Access Inspection Equipment

Communication Masts
Offshore Structures
Storage Tanks


Regular ship maintenance is crucial for shipping companies as only with frequent safety checks,

Storage Tanks – Corrosion Testing

Fuel Depot Tanks
Domestic and Commercial LPG Tanks
Propane Gas Cylinders
Air Receiving Tanks
Air Cylinders for Divers
Water Storage Tanks
Effluent Tanks.

Underwater Inspection

Canal Locks
Hawser Sections and Shackles
Jetties and Pontoons.
Offshore rigs