Digital Hardness Tester

Digital Shore Durometer Digital Hardness Tester Meter Shore A/Shore C/Shore D 

A- type applies to general rubber, synthetic rubber, soft rubber, poly-resin, leather, wax, etc.

C-type applies to rubber and contains the tiny hole material that that the vesicant is made in being used for plastic

D-type applies to general hard rubber, hard resin, acryl, glass, thermoplastics, printing plates, fibres, etc.



1. ON/OFF Switch.

2. Holding measured display values.

3. Zero setting.

4. Runs on by one 1.5 V cell battery.


Type        Item No.          Indentor shape                            Range           Resolution

TypeA     VT-10A        Flat cone point (0.79 mm)              0-100HA        0.5HA
35º Included Angle

TypeC      VT-10C       2.5mm Spherical                            0-100HC       0.5HC

Sharp cone point (SR0.1mm)
TypeD      VT-10D       30º Included Angle                         0-100HD       0.5HD