Theory: Dipole Meter is an adaptable instrument that is used for measuring the dielectric constant of non-polar liquids. In the equipments a particular circuit has been developed for audio oscillator that produces stabilized wave. In this experiment dielectric cell is standardized using reference liquid having known dielectric constant by immersing […]

Dipole Meter

Dielectric Constant Kit is used for measuring the dielectric constant of non-polar liquids. The apparatus is basedon state of the art technology using physical concepts.Block diagram of the apparatus is as shown in fig. 1. Main Unit ← Dielectric Cell Main Unit has two terminals to which the di-electric cell […]

Dielectric Constant Kit ( For Liquids)

Objective: Determination of Planck’s constant using light emitting diodes (LED’s) by observing the ‘reverse photo-electric effect’. Theory: If a bias voltage is passed across the LED, which is equal or greater than the difference in the energy of the bands, i.e. the barrier potential, then the bands will ‘line up’ and […]

Planck’s Constant Kit

Nano Fluid Heat Capacity Apparatus    The Specific Heat of nanofluids decreases as nanoparticle concentration increases. The specific Heat of nanofluids increases with temperature. Thus future research are required to measure thermophysical properties of different nanofluids as a function of temperature and concentration. Our Nanofluid specific Heat Apparatus is a […]

Nano Fluid Heat Capacity Apparatus

Owing to the best efforts of our employees, our firm has been able to bring forth into the market a commendable range of Hygro-Thermograph Sekonic. This product is sourced by our professions from the leading vendors so as to ensure its quality and hassle-free operations.   Specifications:   Record temperature […]

Hygro-Thermograph Sekonic

The Michelson interferometer is an optical instrument of high precision and versatility. It generally is used in investigations that involve small changes in optical path lengths. With the Michelson interferometer, one can produce circular and straight-line fringes of both monochromatic light and white light. One can use these fringes to […]

Michelson Interferometer

We are the number one company known for offering Brunton Compass Made of Gun Metal Superior Quality in Cover to the clients. Offered range is precisely balanced on a sapphire bearing, resulting in a powerful magnet, which quickly seeks magnetic north and perm faster readings. This product is available in […]

Brunton Compass

Our esteemed customers can avail from us Auto level that fits the requirements of field engineers and land surveyors. Offered product features excellent reliability even under harsh environmental conditions. It provides exceptionally bright and sharp view that on the other hand reduces operator’s eye strain. We procure these auto level […]

Auto Level

Aiming at highest level of customer-satisfaction, we are offering them a wide range of Digital Soil Hardness Meter. We collect this product from the leading vendors’ so as to ensure its quality as per the international standards. Offered product is available in the market with below details:   Features:   […]

Digital Soil Hardness Meter