Oil & Petroleum

As per IP-72 and IS 1206 Standards. It is used for determination the viscosity of road oils and cut back bitumen. It consists of copper bath with cup of 10 mm or 4 mm orifice while ordering please mention orifice size) and sleeve, with lifting clip and ball. The assembly […]

Tar Viscometer Apparatus

This apparatus is used for penetration test on a wide variety of materials. It consists of a head support mounted on a vertical rod which can be adjusted for height. A rack and pinion and pointer assembly provides fine adjustment of needle tip to sample and in corporate a slipping […]

Penetrometer Apparatus

For determination of softening point of bituminous materials according to IP 58 and IS 1205-1958. Softening point is that temperature at which the specimen under test becomes soft enough to allow a steel ball of specific dimensions to fall a required distance under test condition. The apparatus consists of glass […]

Softening Point Apparatus (Ring & Ball)