Laboratory Instruments

Salient Features Microprocessor Control   The MS-300 and MS-400 hot plate magnetic stirrer is operated by a digital control CPU. The CPU regulates the heating up to 300 °C and 400 °C in the respective models & Model MS 200 is without Hot Plate Digital Speed Control   Stirring speed […]

Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

Salient Features Based on E.M.F.C Technology A built in under hook for below weighing Density measurement (Optional) RS232C Interface Tare range upto max. Capacity of the Balance High Resolution, Quick Weighting, Accurate Result Automatic External Calibration Multifunction Weighting Units S.S Weighing Pan, Level Indicator, Adjustable Fit Counting Weighting Mode   […]

High Precision Balance

Specifications: Model A – Range 0 – 32 % Model B – Range 28 – 62 % Model C – Range 58 – 92 % Model Range 0 – 10 % Model Range 0 – 18 % Model Range 0 – 55 % Hand Refrectometer for Urine, Serum & Protein […]

Hand Refractometer

Salient Features   Based on E.M.F.C Technology Halogen Heating System Temprature Range upto 200°C RS232C Interface The Mode for testing Automatic, Timing, Manual   Moisture Balance based on E.M.F.C sensor and its working on the principle of thermal force, from the percentage between the weight when the sample is dry […]

Halogen Moisture Balance

Salient Features Stainless steel Inner chamber Cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior Intelligent temperature controller with PID program Low noise fan Forced air circulation for uniformity of temperature Digital timer and over temperature protection Door with double layer tempered glass for observation Door with silicon rubber seal ensures good sealability […]

Drying Oven

Salient Features Measurement of Refreractive index nD of transparent or transculents liquid and  solid substance Measurement of brix of sugar solution Prism made of hard glass Visual aim and LCD Display Automatic correction of the effect of temperature on the Brix Printer Interface for direct data print-out RS232   SPECIFICATIONS […]

ABBE Refractometer

Special Features : TDS -1 Range 0 – 1999 ppm/ Reso- 1 ppm TDS -2 Ranges 0 – 10 ppt (1 ppt = 1000 ppm)/Reso – 0.01 ppt COND- 3 Range – 0 – 2000 us / Reso- 1 us COND- 4 Range – 0 – 20 ms (1 ms […]

TDS/PH Conductivity Tester