Educational Instruments

Known in the industry as a prominent manufacturer and supplier, we are engaged in offering Precision Angle Dekkor. Widely used to measure of the angle of job under test, precision angle dekkor uses the principle of optical reflection where a beam of light is projected on a mirror. The beam reflects […]

Precision Angle Dekkor-VTO

This Pan Evaporimeter is manufactured as per Is:5973 :1970.The Pan is manufactured from painted GI sheet tested for water leak proofness. The stilling well and thermometer clamps are manufactured from Brass. This is supported on wooden platform and covered with reinforced chicken, Measuring Jar is manufactured from transparent Acrylic also […]

Open Pan Evaporimeter

Specification: This Instrument is in according to V-TECH D 1003, BS, DIN, ISO, IS (Indian Standard)or according to customer’s required specification Direct percentage reading facility digital display Operation of instrument cyclic to get accurate results Digital display with opacity and transparency indication Display LCD based Working principal on infrared sensing […]

Opacity Tester

V-TECH India offers two different types of Monochromatic Light source. Monochromatic Light sources are used in Calibration labs for inspection of Micrometer Anvils & Mechanical Seals, Pump Valves and various other Automotive Parts manufacturers. V-TECH India Monochromatic Light Source provides highly diffused Sodium light for use in testing flatness of […]

Monochromatic Light Source

Specification: This Instrument is in according to VTECH D 1238, BS, DI, ISO, IS (Indian Standard) or according to customer’s required specification Temperature range up to 400°c with accuracy ±1°c. Resolution 0.1°c PID based temperature controller with auto-tune facility Timer: Digital timer Range up to 999.9 min/ 999.9 sec. Having […]

Melt Flow Indexer Tester

Load Frame Motorized gives a choice of thirty constant rates of strain from a maximum of 0.25 in./min., to 0.0000192 in./min. This can be used whenever there is a requirements of these different strain rates with a maximum load capacity of 5 tonnes. For the research work it is really […]

Load Frame Motorized

Features: Small size (60x60x300 mm) Application of notebook Easy operation Low price High resolution High accuracy Small size measurement optics Measurement abilities: Linear positioning Angular positioning Rotary positioning Straightness Flatness Squareness Velocity Measurement Parameters Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy Distance 0-30 m 0,001 µm ± 0,41 ¼m/m in air ± 0,9 […]

Linear Interferometer

Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus is for determining the shear strength of both remoulds and undisturbed soils. It consists of a torque head adjustable in height to enable the vane to be lowered into the specimen. Rotation of the vane is by mean of a hand wheel which operates a worm […]

Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus

Hydraulic Ram Test Rig Apparatus consists of a close circuit through which water is circulated continuously by Mains ofcentrifugal pump of 25 mm x 25 mm with 0.5 H.P. motor to make the supply from sump tank.Sump tank 125 cm long, 80 cm wided 40 cm high fabricated on M.S. […]

Hydraulic Ram Test Rig

We are suppliers of Heat Transfer in Natural Convection Range of Experiment: To determine average heat transfer coefficient of Friction To calculate and plot variation of local heat transfer coefficient along the length of the tube Specifications:   Dia: 38 mm Length: 500 mm Nichrome Wire Temperature Sensors RTD PT100 […]

Heat Transfer in Natural Convection