Objective: Determination of Planck’s constant using light emitting diodes (LED’s) by observing the ‘reverse photo-electric effect’. Theory: If a bias voltage is passed across the LED, which is equal or greater than the difference in the energy of the bands, i.e. the barrier potential, then the bands will ‘line up’ and […]

Planck’s Constant Kit

Objective 1. Characterization of Nanofluids like Ag/Au & Ferrofluids etc. 2. To evaluate modest nano particles concentration in the fluid for significant enhancement of its property. 3. Prediction of enhanced thermal conductivity due to suspension of the metallic nano particles with very low concentration in to the polymeric fluids. 4. […]

Nano Fluid Interferometer

Nano Fluid Heat Capacity Apparatus    The Specific Heat of nanofluids decreases as nanoparticle concentration increases. The specific Heat of nanofluids increases with temperature. Thus future research are required to measure thermophysical properties of different nanofluids as a function of temperature and concentration. Our Nanofluid specific Heat Apparatus is a […]

Nano Fluid Heat Capacity Apparatus

We have established ourselves as a prominent organization in the market by offering wide range of Phase Sequence Indicator. This product is highly reliable for long lasting performance and acclaimed by the clients for its high operational accuracy.   Special Features:   Two functions in one unit Designed to check […]

Phase Sequence Indicator

Owing to the best efforts of our employees, our firm has been able to bring forth into the market a commendable range of Hygro-Thermograph Sekonic. This product is sourced by our professions from the leading vendors so as to ensure its quality and hassle-free operations.   Specifications:   Record temperature […]

Hygro-Thermograph Sekonic

Our firm is actively involved in rendering a wide range of Halogen Refrigerant Leakage Detector to the esteemed clients. These prove to be an ideal way to detect leaks in those systems that use halogen refrigerants. We offer these to the clients at nominal prices. Features : Detects all kinds […]

Halogen Refrigerant Leakage Detector

This Digital Hand Counter is designed for slow and reliable count. Counting speed may not exceed 2 counts per second. Multiple pushes by a shaking hand in less than 1/2 second will count as 1. Made of high-impact plastic casing for durability, lightweight, and easy-to-read LCD display. (Do not use […]

Digital Hand Counter

We are providing Digital Electronic Counter to our clients which is ergonomically designed by our vendors in order to ensure its convenient applications. It can be suitably activate while wearing the gloves and acclaimed by the clients for its high operational accuracy.   Specifications:   Unit 68 x 47 x […]

Digital Electronic Counter

Specifications:   Range: 4 digits, 6 digits Sensor & Sensing Method NO/NC contact: a. 230 V AC Pulse through these contact D.C. Inductive: b. One M S Projection of 20 mm x 30 mm on rotating Proximity Switch shaft Sensor to give one pulse per rotation Infrared Sensor: One disk […]

Digital Counter